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The Quality life initiated in 1997has a presence in over 23 countries worldwide. As a Non Governmental Organisation.

The Quality life works in special Consultative status with the United Nations, Participating in a variety of committees and activities related to The Quality life and conflict resolution around the world.

Join us, together we can bring a positive change.

Many nations around us have transitioned from a small nation to a nation of strength and growth in last few decades. India has also been transitioning in the last few decades towards good. But the pace of change is not enough to meet the needs, so is the nature of change we have been going through. We need to do more to bring prosperity to our country. Every one of us has a responsibility to help build our India into a Great Nation. We all, for sure, might have come across many situations where we would have said to ‘why cannot this be done differently?'

changeindia is a forum for us to express those moments and help contribute to define policies, guidelines and help promote the execution of the same. We all come from different backgrounds with diverse experiences. Please take this opportunity to reach others with your ideas and suggestions. If you are already helping the nation to build and supporting projects please share them here. It will be great inspiration to others.

Share the positive, Inspire others and Help India to Change !!
It is true that cities have been the growth engines of current economic growth because this growth has been concentrated primarily in services and industrial sectors. Unfortunately uneducated and unskilled rural population can not participate in this growth story as they do not have required skills and knowledge to get absorbed in these high growth sectors of our economy. Hence majority of unskilled rural migration to the cities ends-up in daily wage jobs at construction sites or similar physical labor with earnings barely enough to survive. Consequently despite migrating to the cities, neither they can afford a dignified livelihood for themselves nor can they support the financial needs of their families left in the villages. They live a life of misery and hardship with no hope for The Quality Life even for the next generation. On the other hand due to this mass migration, our cities can not provide basic infrastructure & civic amenities, thus resembling shanty towns with slums all around.

H2O Infrastructure is drinking water supply, including the system of pipes, pumps, valves, filtration, buildings and structures to house the equipments, used for the collection, treatment and distribution of water and this serious growing problem. H2O infrastructure must be approved in the largest urban cities in the world, Each year the demand is high in many of the largest urban areas the governments are losing revenues needed to improve those water supplies and some thing must be done and a huge infrastructure project is needed soon.

Civil Infrastructure is the basic physical system of a country’s or community’s population, including the drainage, fixed structures beside. over or under track, including supports for signaling. These systems are considered essential for enabling productivity in the economy. The topic of Civil Infrastructure is not properly set to be done, it will put itself there, on the moment what incidents like Katrinas and Tsunamis can brings about. The issues like security and safety are to manage infrastructure. They are not specifically offering one solution but they serve a broad area to humans and systems for achieving their tasks.

In the development process of a country the most important is strong infrastructure development. Infrastructure includes the Airport, Railway, power, ports, bridges, Highways and dams. The   past   one   decade   great  efforts   are   being   taken   in   devel infrastructures and  there  was  boom  in  the  infrastructure sector. There are many projects still going in the infrastructure change the face of the India infrastructure sector. India is one of the fastest growing economy it also give scope heavy industries such as shipping, bulk Machinery, refineries, real estate etc. Looking at the current reforms and the development looks that India will be very sound in relation to the infrastructure Global companies have big opportunities in the Indian Infrastructure sector, worth over $50 billion.

American Infrastructure form such basic things as gas, water and electricity. They have always been to do when it is not there. A day without electricity during a hot summer can give a real problem. American Infrastructure is such a field that is normally not too popular as a discipline. Infrastructure could be an enabler of a higher productivity, when managed well.

USA Infrastructure is like a carrier that enables other processes, activities and technology, The point lives, only by providing support in USA all those extra functions are possible because of the available productivity but at the same moment, When the service fails, your business is also more vulnerable. USA Infrastructure can make a difference for instance when it is not there when you need it for any business especially online business. The more action, the more you need infrastructural support solutions. Make sure that you reserve enough budget to connect these otherwise you will loose product.

US Infrastructure is a broad area of activities, processes, technology that supports either private Infrastructure which is normally stable but can also change over time. US Infra is just providing a business with the right structure that serves the rest. The structure order, stability, flexibility and perhaps some other supporting aspects that provide help. The Government of United States has to be more focused on infrastructure like Bridges, Freeways. It is often difficult to align the preferences within a group and it is more organizational units.

Bharat Nirman aims to research and development for alternative energy and for infrastructure projects across our nations. while it is true that we must care for our aging infrastructure, we must also realize that as we upgrade these infrastructures, we will actually end up costing ourselves money in places. if you are considering doing a little international investing it makes sense that you would want to invest in india infrastructure, water resources or even agriculture projects.

Bharat Nirman introduced by the government of India in collaboration with the state governments to make a step towards improving infrastructure and the quality of like of Indians. Bharat nirman   project ministry of rural development of India has formulated infrastructure continues to be a major constraint for bharat nirman

Bharat nirman takes up constructive activities in all walks of life which go to uplift and enrich Indian life. The mechanism is to organize conferences, seminars, lectures, camps ,get to gathers and other programs and to bring out publications  on these subjects to create awareness amongst the masses, it also patronizes , supports and encourages individuals and other organizations which are engaged in similar activities. For doing all this, it takes moral support from government and its various agencies but avoid financial assistance form the government so that basically it remains a voluntary effort. it manages its activities through resources of its office bearers, membership fees, advertisement, sponsorship, and voluntary contributions.

Bharat nirman believes that an individual can make faster growth, if first he develops his own natural attributes and qualities, then imbibes those of others which can suitably be added to his own. so also in nation life, a nation can progress faster, if it first develops what is best in it and having done so, adds to its portfolio such other things which can be conventional for its further growth. India has base and potentialities in fields of health, clean, education, wealth, peace, protocol, beauty, and vegetarianism, etc.

Bharat nirman propagates and promotes all those in the right earnest.

Bharat nirman has established contact with NRI’s and has held so far ,4 successful conferences to involve them in India’s development.

These included various important personalities who have participated from all quarters of the world. The conferences have been organized for very strong reasons namely:

  •     Problems of NRI’s and their solution including Govt. Facilities.
  •     New technologies and development projects.
  •     Rural & urban development and housing project.
  •     Role of financial institutions and consultants.
  •     Promotion of Indian heritage.

Conference & Workshop:

In its short span of life, Bharat Nirman has organized over 100 conferences , seminars  and camps on the aforesaid subjects, co-ordinates rural development work in over 500 villages , sponsored a film on rural development , established a dozen sister-organizations to fulfill its objectives , brought out more than 100 publications full with rich material on different subjects has set up annual awards for talented ladies/men, offers consultants to the Government on various development matters and has extended guidance and help to thousands of individuals in solving their problems. It has established contact with NRI’s and has held four conferences to involve them in India’s development. It is supporting the monthly magazine “Pratidhwani” since1997.

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